Secure, easy-to-use and robust, the MA4000 is designed to increase overall productivity while at the same time delivering flexibility and simplicity to IP telephony administration. In combination with the NEC voice servers, MA4000 provides the necessary tools for a truly comprehensive IP telephony solution.
Centralized administration and seamless integration
  • Automatic moves, adds and changes
  • Voicemail integration
  • Expense control integration
  • Decentralization access
  • Free Numbering
Simplified management
  • Range Programming
  • Templates
  • Task scheduling
  • Powerful Help search
Fault Management
  • Alarm collection and notification
  • Network Management System Integration
  • MA4000 Alarm Client
  • System Health monitoring
Advanced security
Pro-active traffic management

Performance Optimization tools
  • Voice over IP statistics
  • Real time monitoring
  • Centralized administration that integrates seamlessly
  • Powerful, intuitive tools for simplified management
  • Reliable fault management
  • Advanced security through extensive controls
  • Pro-active traffic management
  • Performance optimization tools