UNIVERGE SV8500 is a powerful Unified Communications engine and a key component of NEC’s UNIVERGE 360 architecture, supporting the widest range of state-of-the-art applications that enable you to implement your business strategies.
Ensuring business continuity
  • Highest reliability
  • Secure communications
  • Business process integration
  • Vertical business solutions
Simplify Business Process Integration
The SV8500 provides support for open-standards for integrating communications into business process applications. This facilitates process simplification. Standards and devices supported by the SV8500 include:
  • SIP-enabled devices
  • LDAP-compliant databases
  • Java™ and XML
  • Managed data network infrastructure
  • The UNIVERGE OW5000, an integration platform for UC solutions such as Microsoft®
  • Office Communications Server and IBM® Lotus® Sametime®

Delivers Advanced Applications
The SV8500 provides cutting-edge features that optimize the customer experience and maximize enterprise resources. Some of the applications supported are:
  • NEC’s UC for Enterprise client and mobility applications include UM8500 Unified Messaging, the UC700 Desktop Client and UC Collaboration Module and the MC530 Mobile Client. This offers unified communications, fixed mobile convergence and advanced collaboration tools.
  • UNIVERGE DT700/DT300 Series desktop phones raise the standard with an extensive feature set, XML application support, and a revolutionary modular design.
  • NEC’s softphone, which integrates communications into the computing environment to eliminate the need for a physical phone and extend the desktop around the world.
  • UNIVERGE MA4000 Management System is a web-based management application that enables users to access the system remotely through a personalized portal to configure their communications options. Additionally, the MA4000 Expense Manager offers call accounting, asset management, mobile management, and billing and invoice reconciliation.

Support Green Initiatives
The SV8500 is an ecologically sound, compact system that uses 23% less power than previous generations of IP communication servers. NEC provided special attention to its environmental impact and delivered a RoHS compliant system that includes:

  • Reduced air conditioning requirements for the server
  • Recyclable materials and components that use environmentally safe chemicals
  • Elimination of lead and mercury in circuit boards
  • Documentation provided in electronic format rather than paper booklets
  • Premier IP communication solution
  • 19-inch stackable chassis architecture
  • Supports up to 16,000 endpoints in a single system
  • Wired and wireless extensions
  • Open standard and Open Application Interface including SIP and XML
  • Advanced UC solution
  • Delivering on NEC’s green initiative
  • Safeguards customers’ investment
  • Integrates with current IT infrastructure
  • Increase customer satisfaction and lower expenses
  • Supports open standards for simplified business process integration
  • Provides advanced applications and reliable business continuity support