Sophisticated communication made simple
For too long, the most powerful and innovative telephone systems have only been within the reach of large corporations. With the TOPAZ, this is no longer the case. Designed to satisfy the growing needs of small and medium businesses, this is a professional, flexible and easy-to-use voice communication system at a price that makes perfect sense.
Smoothly connecting your staff, customers and partners
Fast and professional customer service
Investment protection
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) – Linking your phone system to your computer
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – using DSL broadband or your computer/Internet network to carry voice calls
  • IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony – Converged voice and data networks are here today. Connect your phones directly to your computer networks.
  • We grow with your business
TOPAZ meets the requirements of SME customer. TOPAZ is the only phone system that can start as small as three exchange lines and eight extensions with competitive pricing and grow to 72 extensions without you having to replace a single item.

TOPAZ has all the features you would expect from a big-budget corporate phone system. These include:
  • Account/Client/Project codes (2000)
  • Account codes – forced/verified (1000)
  • Automatic operator
  • Automatic day/night service (8 levels)
  • Battery backup
  • Busy/No-answer call attendant
  • Camp on/callback
  • Call cost logging
  • Call centre features
  • Call forwarding (busy/answer)
  • Call forwarding (to external number)
  • Call forwarding (with follow me)
  • Call forwarding (from doorphone)
  • Call park (64 locations)
  • Call progress timer
  • Call queuing (extension/operator)
  • Conference (16 ccts standard)
  • Conference bridge
  • Conversation record
  • Computer integration (CTI)VolP
  • DDI step on
  • DDI call routing
  • DISA (16-channel voice response unit)
  • Doorbell/Doorphone/Door lock
  • Dual-colour LED on phones
  • Email fault reporting
  • Ethernet/LAN port
  • Hunt groups
  • Hybrid extension ports
  • Intercom call (voice-activated answer)
  • IP trunks and extensions
  • Manager intrude (barge in)
  • Missed call indication
  • Mobile Extension
  • Music on hold (internal/external)
  • Online programming
  • Paging (internal/external)
  • Park and page
  • Personal messaging
  • Phone lock (access code)
  • Queue messaging
  • Redial
  • Room monitor
  • S bus/SO (ISDN)
  • Secretary features
  • Silent monitor
  • Telephone directory (2000 names)
  • Trunk-to-trunk transfer
  • Virtual/Phantom extensions (50)
  • Voicemail (integrated or third party)

The TOPAZ supports IP DECT applications
with Mobile Extension capability
  • Large corporate features at an affordable price offer
  • User-friendly – easily accessed features
  • Easily expanded to meet future growth of business
  • Reliability and robust
  • Mobile extensions allow you to stay in touch where ever you are
  • Integrated features include: voicemail (300 mailboxes), flexible call routing, auto attendant, conference bridge and one-touch call recording
  • Real-time business management with MyCalls application
  • SIP compatible