Scalable Enterprise Servers

NEC’s Express5800/A2000 Series is an enterprise-class quad CPU server based on the new Intel® Xeon® processor E7-4800 v2 product family. It represents a new generation of mission critical servers built specifically to support highly virtualized environments, heavy transactional workloads, and in-memory databases.

  • Up to 4TB of memory, 60 cores and 120 threads with Intel Hyper-Threading in a 4U server
  • 16 PCIe 3.0 cards doubled the Orders per Minute rate for a 123.7% better transactional performance per watt on database workloads
  • Equipped with the capacity on-demand function that allows the efficient use of CPU resources. When it is necessary to scale the performance due to increased amounts of work, CPU cores can be added online without suspending the system.
  • Spare (redundant) service processor, spare clock, and spare south bridge (I/O controller hub) for extremely high uptime
  • Memory module hot-add feature allows memory to be added without a server reboot
  • MCA offers OS-assisted system recovery from certain uncorrectable errors, and automatically reboots to identify and isolate the faulty component
  • Dynamic Memory Page De-Allocation keeps system operating when correctable errors happen beyond the threshold by dynamically de-allocating the memory page